Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Struck it Rich Today!

My sister Marna called me on December 25th to tell me that there was a mattress store on Craiglist that was giving away some used mattresses and boxsprings.

My hubby and I did not have a truck to go after them, but Marna told me that she would take us to go pick them up on her day off which was on Sunday.

The next day the ad was gone so I was not sure that someone had not picked them all up so today which was Sunday I drove over there to talk to the man that was giving them away, and after I told him what I was doing with them he went with me to the rear of his store to show me which ones that I could have for that purpose since he wanted to keep the better ones to give to someone who needed a mattress to sleep on.

When we reached the mattresses the first thing that I noticed was that one of them was an antique box springs with a metal frame around the edges, and I was so excited when he told me that this was one of the ones that I could have along with two of the mattresses.

I quickly called Marna to tell her that they were still there, and to tell her to get over here as fast as she could before someone else saw my antique box springs and hauled them off.

It was dark by the time Marna got here to take hubby and me to go pick them, but when we got there my antique springs were sitting right there waiting for us to load them up, and they were just perfect. The springs were about 6" tall, and looked like they had about a 2 1/2" wide top and a 5" wide bottom.

We loaded them all quickly and brought these three finds home. Then Marna wanted to take us to an apartment house where she had seen another box springs and mattress sitting beside the dumpster so off we went again.

This time we found one full size box springs which was not an antique, but the springs inside had what looked like an 1 1/2" top and a 5" bottom so they were still a very good find, and we also got one full size mattress and one king size mattress.

In all we got two box springs and four mattresses which will be enough springs to keep us in business for most of this year, and my payment to Marna for going after all these aprings for us is just the promise for me to hem six dresses for her.

Not a bad haul for one Sunday afternoon!