Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Springs Take Forever to Rust!

The last time we were out Marna helped me get a good haul of rusty springs that will last a good while. We have more then 200 rusty springs taken out of the frame waiting for orders, and we have 4 more good and rusted mattresses to take apart.

We even got another antique box springs in our last haul to add to the one we that my brother gave to me last fall. The only problem with these antique box springs is that they are very slow to rust.

This is how I want my rusty springs to look.....

But the ones my brother gave me last Fall have been laying in the driveway since we brought them home, and they have barely started to rust yet.

I think that the last ones we got were coated with some type of silver paint so I may be waiting for them to rust even longer.

I have been working these last six months first for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, and then as soon as I was laid off there on April 15th I got called in to work for the Census Bureau so I have not been able to work on designing any new nodder patterns. I finally got laid off again Friday so maybe I can finally find the time now.