Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Craiglist Ad for Springs!

I got an email Thursday from a lady from Craigslist who had a box springs and mattress that she was giving away, and all I had to do was just pick them up. I am still looking for an automatic pickup truck that I can afford so I had to ask my neighbor to go get them for me. He could not find the house from the directions that she had given me Thursday, and it was today before I could reach her again to get new directions. He found them this time, and he only wanted a few dollars to cover his gas so I gave him $15 and a big thank you.

I wanted to get the covers off the springs so that they could begin the rusting process using the rain that we have been getting today and tomorrow so I took the covers off when I caught a few minutes lull in the rain. I was very disappointed to find that the box springs were the square type springs that I could use. I was hoping that the mattress had the 5" hourglass type springs in it, but I was disappointed again when it turned out to be the smaller 3 1/2" springs. It is not that i can't use these either, it is just that I have over 500 of these already in stock. I guess that I will just let these rust and keep on looking.

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