Monday, December 22, 2008

I have been doing pretty good at selling the springs lately, and I have sold them to places as far away as the United Kingdom. I recently shipped an order off to a customer there who wanted a copy of my Bumble Bee Nodder Pattern, but the pattern had mysteriously disappeared from my computer. I searched everywhere but could not find the original pattern so I started trying to make the bee body again. After I had it drawn a new bee body pattern on paper again, I pulled my golden honeycomb material out so that I could test my pattern to make sure that it fit togehter properly, and I found one complete body already on the material where I had drawn it and forgotten about it a couple of weeks ago. Boy was I relieved because I was not sure that this new bee would look like the old one. I traced a copy of each body piece before I sewed the bee together so I now have my pattern pieces. I still have to type out the instructions again though.

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