Friday, December 12, 2008

How do you get the springs out of the mattresses?

After you find your mattress and get it home then comes the fun part... getting the springs out of the mattress. To do this you need a good pair of bolt cutters, a pair of scissors, and a needle nose pair of pliars.

The first step is cutting through the center of three sides of the mattress with the scissors. Cutting through just three sides saves a little of the clean up mess.
Now pull on the cut you have made until you get a little opening started, then stick your foot in there and pull for all your worth. It takes some tugging to get the top off of it, and if you don't hold the springs down then you just pick the whole mattress up.
When you get the top off of it then just flip it over and start taking the bottom off. When you get the cover off the springs then you need to make a choice of whether to take the springs out now or whether you want to let them rust first then take them out. The spirals holding the springs onto the base are easier to take off before they rust, but if you got a bunch of grandkids who like to kick them all over the yard, and a hubby who gripes because he keeps hitting them with the lawn mower then it is best to let them rust first. My choice was to let them rust first, and then use the needle nose pliers to take the spirals off.
After the springs are good and rusty it is time to get the spirals off, and my first step of getting the spirals off is to yell for my hubby since there is one row of spirals all around the outer edge of the mattress that I cannot take off. Then sometimes he will take over and cut all the spirals for me into long rows. Then you take the needle nose pliers and twist the spirals out. I have found that it is easier for me to hold the springs between my knees, and twist the pliers with both hands since my wrists are weak.

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